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DEEtox™️ is a life-changing "power shower" for your mind, unlocking your true potential and transforming your entire outlook on what's possible in just 30 days.

Experience a Mindset Cleanse Like No Other!

"are you ready to create lasting change in your life and achieve success on your terms?"

Having a hard time staying focused and productive in the midst of all the distractions of modern life


Struggling with feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy, wondering if you'll ever achieve the success you dream of?


Constantly second-guessing yourself and feeling overwhelmed with all the choices and decisions you need to make?


Feeling like you're spinning your wheels and not making any headway towards your most important goals



Imagine waking up every day feeling energized, motivated, and confident in your ability to achieve great things. DEEtox™️ will help discover your inner strength and unlock a world of possibilities.


We won't lie it's also intensive, not for the faint-hearted, but it is for those who are motivated and ready to put in the work to achieve their goals.  Through daily activities that take between 30-60 minutes each day, you will learn simple principles that will change everything you thought about yourself and what is possible. 

With its simple principles & daily activities, DEEtox™️ is like a power shower for your mind - refreshing, revitalizing, and transformative.

Look no further than DEEtox™️ the 30-day personal development program that has transformed 1000s of lives, businesses and careers.

Want to speak to a DEEtox™️ graduate to be sure this is the right program for you?  We are happy to make that happen!

We have hundreds of testimonials demonstrating the impact this program has had - results are guaranteed!




This program is not just a temporary fix. It delivers lasting positive changes that will transform your life.

Dee's personalized coaching provides you with a dedicated accountability partner who is committed to your success. 



Here are a few reasons why we are very different!

We know, you'll have tried other programs before this. So why would this one be any different?



Hear from our DEEtoxers

One activity, every day for 30 days.  Doesn't sound too hard but it has been designed to challenge you.  Change doesn't come without a challenge! Some activities will feel like a total breeze others will stop you in your tracks (they're the best ones)! You will experience major insights from the first few days and a couple of 'aha' moments thrown in for good measure. 

The DEEtox™️ Experience

so let me tell you a bit more

The first 1o days we affectionately call the Snowglobe Phase as the activities are designed to shake-up your thinking.  They will challenge what you believe is possible and help you have powerful insights into why  you do what you do.

The Snowglobe Phase


Next we take all your new insights and rebuild your thinking so you can start to take the kind of action that you want ... confidently!  We will supercharge your self-belief and kickstart your confidence.

The Rebuild Phase

day eleven to twenty

Finally you will create your Success Blueprint which is a detailed plan of everything you want to achieve and how you are going to do it over the next 12 months.  Speak to any DEEtoxer and they will tell you "Blueprints do come true!"

The Blueprint Phase

day twenty-one to thirty

30 days of DEEtox™️Personal Development Activities
Daily Personalised Feedback and Guidance from Dee
4 x DEEtox™️ Diaries Group Coaching Sessions one each week
2 x DEEtox™️ One-on-One Coaching Sessions with Dee
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we're going to give you everything you need & more!

And we couldn't leave you go without some special little extras


"If you haven't signed up for Dee's 30 day DEEtox program stop everything to beg her to be on the next one! But be careful - your life won't ever be the same again. I cannot recommend Dee highly enough. This woman will care about you more than all your family combined."

"Dee will not just change your life. She'll help you change YOU from the inside-out.

The first payment will be made immediately and two subsequent payments will be debited automatically after 30 and 60 days.


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Experience a transformative journey with DEEtox™️ – unlock your full potential and unlock a world of opportunities today.


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