Whether self-employed or in the corporate realm Dee fuels the fire of an entrepreneurial mindset and extraordinary results through her award-winning DEEtox™️ coaching program.

The Coach for High-Achievers and the Unapologetically Ambitious. 

You are searching for a powerful coaching program tailored specifically for your organization's CEOs, C-Suite executives, and high potential employees.

If you're a HR or L&D Professional 


Stuck in a rut?  Spinning your wheels and generally getting in your own way?  You're looking to kick-start your energy, enthusiasm and motivation with a process that will support and challenge you.

If you're Self Employed or Just in Need of a Change


How I can help you?

You're not like most people.  Your track record of success says it all. You know that to achieve extraordinary results you need to do things differently and that's where DEEtox™️ comes in.

If your a CEO, C-Suite Exec
or High-Achiever 


We have 3 very different audiences for our DEEtox™️ program.  Pick the one that best describes you.

My life, in a nutshell, has been a whirlwind adventure, straddling two extraordinary worlds - the corporate landscape and the thrilling realm of entrepreneurship. In the corporate sphere, I've held senior roles in Customer Care and Learning & Development, working for industry giants such as Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, and Digicel Group.

But my heart truly lies in the entrepreneurial space, where I've thrived by launching and managing multiple training and consulting businesses. Now, I'm here to inspire and guide individuals and organisations who are eager to fine-tune their entrepreneurial skills. Together, let's embark on an incredible journey where we fuse the very best of both worlds, and unlock your true potential for unparalleled results. 

Experience the Perfect Fusion of Corporate Expertise and Entrepreneurial Spirit for Unparalleled Results.

Hi, I'm Dee. 

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The Unvarnished Truths of Starting a Coaching Business


The Imposter Syndrome Solution - Banish Self Doubt, Get Killer Confidence

mini course

Re-write Your Success Script and Create a New Story for Yourself


And we believe in being generous with what we know.

Knowledge is at its most powerful when it's shared.

There's nothing I love more than a good chat so don't be shy in scheduling a call with me.  And rest assured there will be no sales push or hustle from me EVER ... just sincere interest and quality conversation.

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