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inDEEstructible™️ is my signature program where I build your coaching business, hand-in-hand with you AND I guarantee your results too!  

Build an inDEEstructible™️ Coaching Business


I wasted alot of time choosing (and changing) my niche when I was starting out. I designed this course so you don't have to. Follow a tried and tested process to get it right first time.

DEEscover the Perfect Coaching Niche for You


How I can help you?

DEETOX is a 30-day transformational self-development program because most coaches know that in order to grow their business they ALSO need to work on themselves.

Create an Unstoppable Mindset DEEtoxing your Life


After spending years in the corporate world I became an entrepreneur in 2004 setting up a Learning & Development business in Bangkok.  I had no idea what I was doing other than I wanted to work for myself.  My business has evolved many times since then and the desire to be free to work when, where and how I want is as strong as ever.

I've learned plenty along the way and like to think I´ve become a better person and professional for it.  I now focus on supporting coaches to build their own businesses and successfully navigate the challenges that come with creating a sustainable income in the increasingly competitive coaching world.

I'm a red-headed people pleaser from Ireland.  An extroverted, over-achieving, optimist. And massive Harry Potter fan.

Hi, I'm Dee. 

irene treacy, founder of helping people with parkinsons

Dee is an energising force - she cares about your business as much as you do if not more. If she has seats available on her program - don’t hesitate - she will change your business and life"

"I've been working with Dee for years now.  I always come back to her because her coaching is so powerful and it enables me to be at the top of my game.

nichole lewis, founder of property lifestyle

When Dee came into the picture, everything changed!  I can't believe how much difference Dee´s coaching has made to me and my business. Her guidance and expertise have enabled me to be more confident with everything I do."

"I was doing very well in some parts but not getting where I wanted fast enough with the online part of my business and was starting to lose hope that I would ever succeed.

sinead o'neill, life & business coach

Dee leaves no stone unturned, her in depth analysis, attention to detail and knowledge of the coaching world took me way outside of my comfort zone to ensure that I got the results I wanted. Dee's step by step approach ensures that you miss nothing in creating your success."

"In Oct 2021 Dee turned my business on its head and I landed with two feet securely in my business blueprint and with a model that is still performing today. 

donna henry - Learning & Development consultant

than you are, someone who will not allow you to play small, someone who get's down in the trenches with you.  Then look no further #star #awardwinning."

"Go girl .... Master Coach!  My business got off the ground because of this lady.  If you are looking for someone who is more passionate about your success

kind words

Get Paid What You are Worth Whilst Creating Value


The Unvarnished Truths of Starting a Coaching Business


The Journey to Build a Coaching Brand I Absolutely Love


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There's nothing I love more than a good chat so don't be shy in scheduling a call with me.  And rest assured there will be no sales push or hustle from me EVER ... just sincere interest and quality conversation.

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