If you work in Learning & Development this is the book you have been waiting for. Dee has written a no-nonsense guide that rethinks the design and delivery of training for L&D professionals in the corporate world. Focused on co-creation of digital instructional content and incorporating coaching models to elevate the learning experience - Dee offers a practical L&D solution that delivers better results, in less time with fewer resources.

How to Build an Online Coaching Program

Re-imagine instructional design to create impactful, engaging, and scalable learning experiences in a corporate setting.

The Hard Facts About Soft Skills, best-selling author Dee Hutchinson, lays out a clear and structured pathway for leaders who want to see all members of their team succeed. But contrary to the assumptions that hard skills are the alpha and omega of employee talent, Hutchinson shows the significance of soft skills and how leaders can effectively harness them to improve their bottom line. 

The Hard Facts About Soft Skills

A Coaching Guide for Leaders Who Aren't Afraid to be Soft!