Award-Winning Coaching Program for CEO's, C-Suite Executives and High Achieving Professionals.

the ultimate mindset upgrade - "a 'power-shower' for your brain"!

Here's the truth – you're not like most people. Your track record of success says it all. You know that to achieve extraordinary results, you need to do things differently And that's where DEEtox™️ comes in.

DEEtox™️ is designed to challenge even the most accomplished individuals, pushing your potential to the limits and propelling you towards unprecedented heights of success.

You crave to be challenged because you know that growth happens outside of your comfort zone. 

You're tired of the status quo and yearn for an opportunity to stretch yourself mentally, emotionally, and professionally. With DEEtox™️, we'll provide you with the tools and support to break free from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.

the training available to you isn't cutting it & you're ready for a transformative experience that goes beyond surface level.

you come to us when you need something different

You've already achieved success, but you're aware that there's an opportunity to amplify your impact and take things to a whole new level. You understand that building self-awareness and challenging yourself is key to avoiding any hidden self-sabotage and unlocking all of your  potential.

Are you an accomplished CEO,
C-Suite executive, or high achieving professional who knows deep down that there's still untapped potential within you?

who we serve

You want to be coached by high achievers like yourself, professionals who have already achieved exceptional levels of success.

You understand the value of surrounding yourself with individuals who have been there and done that. Our team of experienced coaches are high achievers themselves, with a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to share. 

  • One DEEtox™️ coaching activity each day over a 30 day period
  • With 10 minutes of micro-coaching daily (a total of 5 hours)!
  • Time commitment for you is 30 minutes per day 
  • You can schedule whenever you want in your day
  • There are additional options for group and one-on-one coaching

All interactions between you and your coach are conducted via the secure Slack platform, ensuring total privacy and confidentiality.

In this intensive coaching program, we will guide you through a journey of self-discovery & provide you with the necessary resources to break free from out dated thinking & success delaying limitations. 

DEEtox™️ empowers you to step into your full potential, amplify your impact, and unlock the extraordinary success that you've always known was within your reach.

ariya banomyong - managing director line thailand

"This is the result of years of experience and in fact it is an indispensable skill for any leader.  Duke's disciples will surely learn greatly from his wealth of experience. "

"i have worked with duke in different capacities over the years. engaging and influencing at the most senior levels and working across various industries is something duke does with ease."

DEEtox™️ is not just another coaching program. It's an award-winning transformational journey that challenges you to explore new depths of self-awareness and provides profound insights about yourself and how you operate. These insights will blow your mind and reveal hidden patterns and beliefs that have been holding you back.

Imagine discovering aspects of yourself that you never even knew existed - the parts that are prime for growth and expansion.  With DEEtox™️ you'll gain the tools and knowledge to unlock these hidden gems and harness them for unparalleled success.

The DEEtox™️ Experience.

so let us tell you more

I have been coaching CEO's and high-achievers of all shapes and sizes for over 10 years now.  I spent over 15 years in the corporate world and understand the unique challenges of operating in pressure cooker environments and still wanting to progress your personal and professional development.  I'm also a high-achiever myself and know what it takes to coaching individuals who aspire to great things in their lives and careers.

I'm Dee

meet your coach

now is the time to rewrite the story of your success.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey of self-exploration and unleash your full potential?

nikima royer
chief executive officer - digicel st. lucia

"DEE IS AMAZING AT WHAT SHE DOES! AND I HAVE BEEN TRULY FORTUNATE TO WORK WITH HER OVER THE LAST FEW YEARS. I, along with my team, have benefited from her expertise through learning and development projects at Digicel. Personally, DEEtox™️, as well as our regular coaching schedule, has assisted me in overcoming challenges, embracing my success and preparing me for greater heights."

prom sirisant
thailand country Manager - american express

"DEE is a phenomenal person and an amazing coach! She has amazing energy. She has a way of bringing the best out in others and helped us to believe in ourselves. I walked away from the program with a practical blueprint that I believe I can achieve. It’s incredible to feel that my life’s goals are within reach. Thank you, DEE!